Melissa S. Woods, Marcy J. Dunlap and Kate M. Swearengen Present at the American Bar Association’s 16th Annual Labor & Employment Law Conference in Washington, DC

November 9-12, 2022

Melissa S. Woods, Marcy J. Dunlap and Kate M. Swearengen will present at the ABA’s 16th Annual Labor & Employment Law Conference in Washington, D.C. on November 9-12, 2022. 

Melissa Woods will participate in a panel on November 12th titled “Beyond Compliance: What are the Interests Competing with DEI Compliance & Initiatives and Can They Co-Exist” at the ABA 16th Annual Section of Labor & Employment Law Conference in Washington, DC.  This panel will discuss the most impactful and forward-thinking DEI policies and practices implemented in the workplace that also are grounded in social science research. In addition, panelists will examine how each constituency can work together to create diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The panel also will explore the tension between implementing DEI initiatives that truly effectuate change and how these DEI initiatives impact discrimination complaints by employees and the investigation and litigation of those complaints, including recent legal challenges to mandatory DEI training.

Marcy Dunlap will participate in a panel on November 11th titled “Plenary Session: Roe v. Wade Overturned: A Morass of Employment Considerations Created by Dobbs v. Women’s Health Organization.” This panel will discuss the myriad of questions and considerations invoked in the wake of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. This panel will delve into the challenges faced by employers seeking to support their employees’ efforts to secure abortion health care and related services both in and out of benefit plans. This panel will also discuss the patchwork of state abortion laws employers have to consider, which may pose difficulty in establishing a uniform policy when operations include jurisdictions with total bans on abortion and others with limited restrictions.  

Kate Swearengen will participate in a panel on November 10th titled “Securing Client Communications and Data.” The panel will discuss issues that arise when client data crosses jurisdictional border and provide guidance on protecting client data and communications, address crossborder attorney-client privilege issues and the various ways that jurisdictions view in-house counsel communications, and discuss comparative approaches to attorneys’ obligations to secure their clients’ data and communications.

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