Protecting working people

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    Labor Union Representation

    For more than 80 years, our firm has been dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights of employees and their unions.
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    Employee Benefits

    We represent pension, annuity, health & welfare, training and apprenticeship and related plans that are jointly administered by labor and management, as well as other employee benefit plans.
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    Bankruptcy & Restructuring

    We protect the interests of unions, members and funds when employers file bankruptcy or undergo restructurings.
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    Discrimination/ Harassment Prevention and DEI Practice

    We provide a broad range of services to help ensure our clients’ workplaces are free from discrimination and harassment.
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    Individual Employment Matters

    We represent individuals in a wide range of industries, often recovering substantial sums for our clients.
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    Workplace Litigation

    We’ve spent eight decades advocating for workers whose employers have not paid them lawfully.
The firm’s reputation is to be daring and aggressive. You have to be if you’re a union‑side lawyer.
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    We’re equipped to navigate complex legal issues across a wide range of industries.
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  • Health Care
  • Communications
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  • Laborers
  • Auto
  • Letter Carriers
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