Wage and Hour

As a premier litigation boutique focused on labor and employment law, Cohen, Weiss and Simon brings its eight decades of complex federal court litigation experience on behalf of unions to advocate for workers whose employers have not paid them lawfully.  We have an active and growing practice litigating on behalf of employees and classes of employees who have been unlawfully denied overtime pay, had their tips stolen, or were not paid minimum wage or other compensation required by wage and hour laws.

The Firm’s seasoned litigators on its dedicated wage and hour team provide careful attention to their cases to ensure the optimal outcome for its clients.  And we have the size and resources to take on any employer, to litigate our cases through trial, and go toe to toe with the largest management law firms.

We also frequently partner with progressive non-profits and worker centers such as Make the Road New York, Catholic Migration Services, Open Hands Legal Services, and New York Communities for Change to ensure justice for low wage workers.

We are ready to fight to obtain the wages you have earned.

Examples of our wage and hour cases include:

  • We successfully litigated against Pepsi Bottling Group for a recovery of approximately $30 million on behalf of truck drivers who were unlawfully denied overtime pay.
  • We obtained a $900,000 class action settlement on behalf of restaurant workers in a Bronx diner who worked fifty to sixty hours per week without being paid minimum wage or overtime, with some receiving as little as $1.75 or $2.00 per hour.  We co-counseled this case with the non-profit Catholic Migration Services.
  • We brought suit against Wal-Mart for systematically exploiting janitors who cleaned its stores, by violating their rights to a minimum wage and other basic labor law protections.
  • We recovered almost $500,000 on behalf of twenty-four construction workers who laid bricks on residential construction projects throughout New York City and who worked fifty-hours per week without receiving overtime.
  • Partnering with New York Communities for Change, we recovered $325,000 for twenty-nine stockers and cashiers at a supermarket chain in Brooklyn, New York.
  • In conjunction with Make the Road New York, we obtained a $130,000 settlement on behalf six carwash laborers that worked in excess seventy hours per week without being paid minimum wage or overtime for a car wash in Queens, New York.
  • We also have litigated wage and hour cases for porters, dish washers, cooks, cleaning workers, laundry workers, and domestic workers, amongst others.

Our wage and hour team is chaired by Evan Hudson-Plush.  Please contact him if you have any questions or think your employer may owe you wages and you would like to take action