Sexual Harassment Prevention

As a premier labor, employment and employee benefits law firm, Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP provides our clients, who may also be employers with respect to their own staffs, with a broad range of services to help ensure that the workplace is free from discrimination and harassment. We have an active and growing practice providing dynamic, in-person sexual harassment training to members and staff; drafting and reviewing anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies to ensure that they comply with the law and best practices; performing independent, internal investigations when allegations of misconduct arise; and, providing advice and counsel to the organization after the investigation is complete. Retaining the expertise of our firm is not only a matter of good business practice, but may also be necessary to comply with the requirement to address misconduct in a prompt and thorough manner.

Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP provides the following services:


Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP conducts dynamic, in-person and video sexual harassment prevention training. We conduct trainings for our Union and Fund clients’ employees, representatives, members and governing boards, as well as for other non-profit organizations.

When conducting sexual harassment prevention training, we provide the following services:

•   Discuss illegal harassment and conduct that, if left unchecked, might rise to the level of illegal harassment.

•   Educate employees, union representatives and members about their rights and responsibilities if they see or experience conduct that is inappropriate in the workplace.

•   Present hypotheticals tailored to the specific industry and workplace.

Internal Investigations

Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP lawyers are skilled at conducing independent fact-finding investigations into complaints of sexual harassment.

•   When conducting internal investigations we provide the following services:

•   Ensure that your organization appropriately responds to the party alleging harassment by conducting a prompt, unbiased, and thorough investigation.

•   Obtain information from all witnesses in an objective and sensitive manner.

•   Report conclusions as to whether inappropriate conduct occurred that may violate internal policies and/or the law.

•   Offer recommendations on discipline or other remedial measures, where appropriate.

Risk Management

Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP assists our clients and other organizations in drafting or updating internal policies and procedures to prevent and appropriately address sexual harassment.

When providing legal compliance advice, we provide the following services:

•   Draft or update a comprehensive anti-harassment policy.

•   Ensure that the anti-harassment policy and instructions for reporting harassment are appropriately communicated to employees.

•   Establish a sexual harassment reporting and tracking system.

•   Create a counseling and legal resource database.